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Contract Maintenance

PCI Proposal Benefits

  • The dedicated PCI Maintenance crew would guarantee an experienced resource that the customer operations team could depend on for quick response availability.

  • The dedicated PCI maintenance crew could participate in joint planning and improvement initiatives.

  • The dedicated PCI maintenance crew would help reduce costs by minimizing training and travel costs.

  • The dedicated PCI maintenance crew would help reduce costs by maximizing facility knowledge and work efficiency.

Maintenance Crew

  • PCI Supervisor will have a single point of contact for Capital projects across all three facilities.

  • PCI supervisor will have a single point of contact at each facility for general maintenance activities.

  • PCI supervisor will receive work orders from existing work order system and/or attend morning crew meetings.

  • Standing Work Orders - each facility will have work orders open for items such as lighting, demolition, Preventative Maintenance and Scheduled Maintenance.


  • Capital Projects (new installation)

  • Conduit or Raceway Routing

  • Wire Pulling

  • Lighting Installation/Maintenance

  • Large Wire (Switchgear, motors, etc.) Termination

  • Demolition of Old Equipment

  • Switchgear Inspection/Cleaning

  • Daily E&I Crew Assistance

  • Outage Assignments

Crew tasks are identified by items that will assist the E&I maintenance crew keep focused on primary objective - keeping the facility operational. Assistance in these areas frees up the E&I crew for focus on additional items such as operations and training. Tasks such as conduit routing, wire pulling and large wire terminations have been historically completed by Capital Crews in a timelier and cost-effective manner.

Capital Maintenance
Crew Task Examples

PCI offers a wide range of electrical services that encompass all phases of project delivery, including maintenance solutions that reduce overhead and labor costs while increasing safety. Whether you just want help maintaining a single project, a full turnkey solution, or something between, PCI can help.  The cost of maintenance management is usually returned many times over. PCI can create exceptional efficiencies across your maintenance program, let us ensure the right people, with the right knowledge and equipment are there to do things right.

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