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LED Lighting

If reduced operating and maintenance costs are important to you, LED lighting will result in considerable long-term cost savings. PCI can design and install LED lighting systems to meet all of your ESG needs, including new or retrofit installations for parking lots, building interiors, parking garages, etc.  PCI can help you determine your energy-saving scenarios, reduce maintenance costs, and help you with your utility rebates.

large industrial hall - transport warehouse - modern LED lighting.jpg

Reasons to convert your facility to LED lighting

Support your corporate ESG priorities and reduce lighting energy consumption

Improved Safety

Upgrading the lighting at a facility provides an opportunity to reevaluate  lighting needs, fix damaged fixtures and improve illumination. Improve the safety at your facility while also reducing operating costs.

Reduced Energy Consumption

By using lower wattage LED bulbs, facilities can save 50% or more on  electric bills compared to traditional lighting technologies.

Quantifiable Savings

Providing an initial facility evaluation and scoping report allows companies to understand the upfront cost and post-implementation operational cost savings before committing to the project.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Reducing maintenance costs by decreasing product costs, reducing labor costs, and preventing disruption of your employees. LED lights last longer. Stop switching out light bulbs so often.

Better Illumination

The uniform and unidirectional nature of LEDs make them ideal for many industrial uses. LED lights are 70% brighter and distribute light in a specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light.  Ambient, overhead LED lighting provides an even wash and lights every corner of your work environment.

Clean and empty industrial hall in detail for supporting poles.jpg

LED Retrofit by the numbers 

Example Project:

Facility Type:

Bulk Material Storage Terminal

Number of Sites:


Initial Assessment

1 Week to Complete

Total # of Fixtures


Total Project Cost:


Power Consumption

465,336 WH/hr reduction

Annual Utility Savings

$73,031 annual savings

C02 Reduction

433,619 lb/year reduction

Project Excecution

6 Weeks to Complete

Project Payback

< 5 years

Reduce Environmental Impact:

A program that is easily quantifiable to shareholders

100 MW/Hr reduction is equal to an average  of 80 tons of CO2 emissions

100 MW/Hr reduction is equal to  100 acres of US Forest

100 MW/Hr reduction is equal to 175,000 miles  driven in a car for a year

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